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[4Sale] FX wheels kits

Dear Orchid Members,

3M discontinued the FX wheels in December but they have shipped me
10 final kits. I am not going to put these on the web site as I am
sure that there will be no more when they are gone. Please feel free
to call or email if you want one of these kits.

Info on the FX Kits: These wheels have been a wonderful alternative
to buffs and compounds and were a great compliment to the
Scotch-Brite Bristle Discs.

If anyone is interested in our final kits they go for $110. They
contain one each of the following: 4 inch wheels grades 240, 600,
1500 and 3000. They also contain one each: 5-ply bristle brushes
brushes, grades 400 and 1 Micron.

Michael McKinnon
McKinnon Global, LLC