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[4Sale] Erotica - coral

I have a customer who brought me a necklace to redo for her. It
featured turquoise beads, lava beads, and a red coral "focal piece"
in the center, that most certainly qualifies for erotica, and made
her very uncomfortable! [grin] - can’t say I blame her - would be
perfect in a Viagra ad!

I have redone the necklace, and we have this long curved piece of
red coral that she doesn’t want, nor do I, as I don’t “do” erotica.

She would love to sell it, if there is anyone on the list who does
"do" erotica, and might be interested. If so, please e-mail me off-
list and I can send you pictures and dimensions.


Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Beth, Very interesting story! Question is…is it actually red coral
or is it dyed sea bamboo??? I don’t care about the erotica but
certainly would be interested in the coral…if it is red coral. What
size is it? Cheers, don.