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[4Sale] Drawplates

Now that I am over 70, my hands aren’t as steady as they once were.
I will be selling some of my shop equipment at pretty reasonable
prices. The first is a set of 4 drawplates for sale with the
isosceles triangle pattern.

1 plate: 3mm base X 6mm sides to 4mm base X 8mm sides
20 steps
Doyen mfg

1 plate: 1.5mm base X 3mm sides to 3.5mm base X 7mm sides
20 steps
Perelet mfg

1 plate: 1mm base X 1.5mm sides to 6mm sides
35 steps
Joubert mfg

1 plate: 0.25mm base X 0.75mm sides to 0.5mm base X 5mm sides
10 steps
Kienzle mfg

Price: $40.00
Set weight: ~ 2lb 10 oz.
Ship at cost

If you are interested, please contact my off-forum. [robert.kase at
verizon dot net]

Bob Kase