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[4Sale] Delcam jewelry program

Hello one and all,

I purchased the Delcam jewelry program last August - and if I have
used it twice since taking the training and purchasing it, that
would be a lot (I am just an hand rendering kind of gal, I guess)…
anyway, if you’re interested in purchasing it, let me know via
email. Best offer by July 27th gets it…

Ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.



can you describe exactly which program? thanks Rosanne


Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith Designer software.

ArtCAM JewelSmith - JewelSmith is based on standard ArtCAM Pro
functionality and also includes a special ring design feature set
that simplifies the design of ring shaped jewellery pieces. The ring
design feature set functionality includes such things as: Finger size
selection from standard Nationality database lists. Automatically
create or cut flat regions on ring surfaces. Option to unwrap vectors
over ring surface for use with relief extrusion tools. Hollow ring
STL meshes creation tools + weight calculation. ArtCAM is specifically
developed for the design and manufacture of artistic applications.
Complex 3D relief modeling from 2D bitmap or vector-based artwork,
plus integrated STL mesh creation

Delcam ArtCAM 2011 64 Bit

Original cost: $5,000.00