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[4Sale] Cloud Dome Pro kit


I have a Cloud Dome Pro kit that I’m no longer using (I have a
different setup for my camera). It’s been VERY lightly used… so
lightly that it’s really like new. What’s included:

  • Standard Cloud Dome with 62mm opening
  • 7" extension ring to raise the dome an additional 7" (expands
    size of photo “target” to 18" x 18")
  • Standard camera bracket
  • PRO “L” bracket with multiple positions (for 35mm and
    larger-body Digital and SLR camera bodies)
  • 2 white lens-reflector rings (to avoid a black lens reflection
    in a photographed object)
  • All screws/washers for mounts
  • Original documentation
  • Accessories case

This PRO system is complete and truly “like new” (used only a few
times, no scratches or dents, no missing pieces). All accessories
(screws, brackets, white lens reflector ring, accessory case) and
original documentation are included.

This Cloud Dome Pro kit retails for $219. I’m asking $119 plus
shipping. Shipping would be a large box (about 24" on all sides) but
is very lightweight. I would estimate it as 2 pounds and would be
shipping from southeastern PA, zip 18902.

Works with large-body 35mm and digital SLR cameras as well as
smaller-body cameras. Just switch the bracket to best match your
camera’s size and configuration!

The Dome filters light beautifully to provide even and diffuse
lighting without annoying and distracting hot spots. This system is
ideal for photographing jewelry, small glass pieces, coins,
collectibles, and other items up to about 12" without the extension
ring and 18" with the ring. The 7" extension ring can be used either
for a larger piece of work or for gaining extra distance from the

Works with your preferred lighting. The dome is heat-resistant to
about 150-F. I’ve had great results with it using Ott Lites (mini
fluorescents), but you can use any type of lighting.

Camera, lighting, and background materials are NOT included in this


Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry