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[4Sale] Cloud dome photo accessory and showcase


Hello All,

I’m offering for sale my Cloud Dome, with standard bracket, standard
straight extension collar, and 3 colors of plastic background discs.
They are in like new condition. I’m asking $150.00, plus 14.95
shipping, USA domestic only, please. If interested, please contact me
off list.

Also I have an O’brien Manufacturing showcase, oak, 18" square by
30" long with two glass shelves. I would like to get $100.00 for that
(paid $250). If there’s somebody in the Los Angeles area interested,
please contact me–it’s in very good condition. I don’t want to deal
with crating and shipping on it but I’m open to delivery in the L.A.
California area.

Thank you,
Vicki K.
moonrox 172 at aol dot com