[4Sale] Cloud Dome Kit

Description straight out of Rio Grande Cataloge

Used once.

Cloud Dome Gold Kit - $250.00

Lightweight and portable, the Cloud Dome ambient lighting kit
enables jewelers to create an ideal lighting environment perfect
for small, detailed items such as findings, components and
Standard universal camera bracket fits most digital
cameras. Please Note: In order for the Pro universal bracket to
adapt properly to your camera, the distance from the tripod hole
to the lens rim must be no more than 6-1/2". Kit includes:
High-impact, non-yellowing plastic Cloud Dome measures 9" high x
15-1/2" in diameter; opening for the camera lens is 2-1/2"
(62mm). The Cloud Dome Gold kit includes: Pro universal bracket
(for SLR cameras and longer camera lenses). One standard
universal bracket (for digital cameras). One straight extension
collar. One angled extension collar. One gold/silver reflector.
One Domicile™ carry-all bag.

Cloud Dome Infinity Board Black - $30.00

Increase the versatility of your Cloud Dome! Lightweight
Infinity boards are designed to be used as background mattes for
photographs. Your images will stand out against the black
background, making cropping, masking and adjusting
color/contrast easier. Size: 18" x 28"

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So did you not like it, and if not what did you not like? I’m not
thrilled with my current set up, but not sure I’m ready to make a
big dollar leap yet either.

Beth in SC