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[4Sale] CAD Library

I am currently putting a library of CAD parts (shanks, heads, trims,
etc.) together and was wondering if anyone would be interested in it
if I advertised it on ganoskin. Each part is available in a wide
range of finger and stone sizes. With these parts you can
essentially “drag and drop” the parts to create designs with your CAD
software. It 's geared more for the person who doesn’t want to spend
the time learning all the aspects of CAD designing, but wants to be
able to create unique pieces for their clients. I currently have a
couple thousand shanks online for sale, but I’m not sure if ganoskin
users are in the need for something like this (ganoskin members are
typically very good with using CAD software and seem to prefer to
build designs from scratch).

You may visit

for more The price for these files are as low as $0.13
(13 cents) each.

Brian Joseph