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[4sale] Burn-out Kiln


I have a piece of equipment I am no longer using and would like to
sell. It is a programmable kiln manufactured by Neycraft. The model,
as labelled on the door, is “Vulcan 3-550 Ney”. The Operating Manual
is included with the kiln (includes instructions on programming the
kiln). The cover of the manual indicates that Neycraft describes
this kiln as a “Vulcan Box Furnace with programmable Controls”. This
kiln operates on 120 volts.

Features of the kiln, as stated in the manual, are as follows:

-High performance/Hybrid Muffle;
-Operating temperature 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) to 1100 degrees C
(2012 degrees F);
-Vertical lift door, giving maximum access
-programmable controller with nine (9) three stage programs (six
segments each) and 1 program with a single termparture hold;
-heavy duty constructions with stainless steel front panel;

There are other miscellaneous features, but, in addition, this kiln
can be used for the following purposes: burn-out; metal clays; glass
fusing; ceramic firing; heat treating. This model kiln is currently
shown in the Rio Grande and other catalogues. It sells for around
$1395.00 plus shipping, but I am going to sell it for $900.00 as I
no longer will be using it.

I bought this kiln new from Rio Grande and haven’t used it for a
number of years, firing it a maximum estimate of 20 times. Although
this kiln shows no damage, either in the cabinet or in function, it
is being sold as a secondhand/used piece of equipment and therefore,
I am selling it “AS-IS”. The last time it was used, it functioned
perfectly. This is a solid piece of equipment useful for any of the
above-mentioned purposes and Neycraft has an excellent support and
tech staff able to handle any questions about the use of this kiln.

I understand that Orchid Forum goes out internationally, but, I CAN
those Orchid readers in other countries.

Price for the kiln: $900.00
Maximum Estimated Shipping Cost: $75.00

Shipping costs will vary, depending on where it will be shipped.
Payment for the kiln should be in the form of a Money Order ONLY,
but please do not send this until you have contacted me.

Please contact me OFF LIST if you are interested in purchasing this


Linda Kaye-Moses