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[4Sale] Brown diamonds

I have 10 carats of small brown diamonds. I believe they are natural
untreated colors and vary from light to medium dark colors. I can
make sure they are untreated if that is desired They
are good clarity and cut, but they are not so easily exactly matched
if you need exact color match for paired. They are pretty. I can be
more specific depending on which diamonds you are interested in. I
want $200 per carat. I would like to sell.25 ct., $50, as a minimum.
I would be happy to send pictures of what you are interested. They
are sorted by size at this time, I can mix and match. Discount can be
discussed for a quantity. Return policy is full refund for any
reason if they do not met your needs. Email off line please, I can
reply with an inventory of sizes.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.