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[4Sale] Brilliant LED in-case lighting

For those of you that do shows or have retail establishments, I am
selling 8-10 segments of LED in-case lighting from Econo-lite. I have
LOVED using their track lights and in-case lights and constantly get
asked by other jewelers where I get them. They emit a very powerful
4100 degree light that makes jewelry jump out and grab you. With
these lights, my booth is a shinning star and my colors pop.The
lights I am selling are each 1’ long and have long lead lines to the
transformer, so they are very flexible in their installation. While
you normally see in-case lighting along the front top seam of the
case, my cases have curved front edges and so I had to be creative. I
used two of the segments vertically, attached to the corner posts, to
light each 2’ wide case. I have recently purchased some of their
newer design stem lights that come into the case from a bottom
drilled hole and find myself with extra lighting.The segments come in
an aluminum extrusion that is shaped to fit in corners and point the
light into the case (and away from customers’ eyes.) The transformers
are easy to use and can handle up to about 8 segments each. The
lights are LED and stay remarkably cool, with a constant color
light.I paid $90 for each segment and am selling them for $50 each. I
have two extra transformers, so would love it if you wanted all of
them or at least half. You can see pictures and info at:

Thanks! Carina Rossner