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[4Sale] Bond Street Sample

Hello Orchid world,

I have two brand new in warranty ( each has a one year manufacturers
warranty) Stebco/Bond Street UK made salesmans cases. Each locks with
combinations you set. Both are sturdy washable/wipeable materials and
hold everything from jeweler’s trays to catalogues, presentation
materials and other printed matter. They are black with special
comfort grip handles. They are travel worthy and secure. They have
keys as well as the brass locks. They list at $142.00 for the 22-1/4w
x 8-3/4d x 13-1/2h size,and the other is $139.00 and is 18-1/4w x
8-3/4d x 13-1/2h, Both are made of made of a proprietary long-wearing
vinyl-coated fabric that looks like leather, is washable, resists
cracking, peeling, stains & won’t fade. Piano-hinged flaps provide
complete access to interior. Molded end panel, “T-Rail” bumper edges
& vinyl-covered steel handle for strength. Two organizer partitions
under flap.; Carrying Method: Telescopic Handle; Color(s): Black. I
have one of each available and the postage is around $16.00 by UPS
depending on where its going…If interested the first person that
writes and pays to my paypal account ( or other method of choice
would be a cheque or money order from the US postal service) gets
it… I added the pictures of each below … small case larger case

They are priced at $120.00 and $ 110.00 respectively-( the larger
one is 120) with the one year warranty they should be a great
investment as the ones I have had for over 5 years now haven’t even
dented, or scratched.and you can write em off as a business expense!
They do get heavy if you distribute catalogues but for holding sample
trays and gemstone cases, jewelry rolls, and other display materials
are manageable. They stack on rolling carts nicely if you carry that
much stuff around. They make a professional appearance when you walk
in with them as they look very “serious-about-sales management”…So
if anyone wants em…Let me know and I can get them out as soon as
Friday, if not Jan 2ed…when the UPS resumes pick-up or if you’d
rather another carrier or they are intended for international
shipment you may prefer another method. If one person wants both
cases It would be considered an irregular package as they are
fairtly large items, and the shipping would be based on the carrier
and destination…which can be calculated online through USPS, UPS or
Fed-EX. If you chose Airborne, or DHL or another carrier let me know
and I’ll find out their pick up schedules.

I would be open to negotiationg if one person wants both to one
address. Happy New Year to all…rer