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[4Sale] Black Deep Sea Coral


Hi Everyone, I had a phone call from a lady today and I promised her
I would pass on her story - as follows:

The pictures are here:

"Dear Jan, I appreciate your interest and willingness to forward
this to other designers. As I told you, I have several pieces of
coral for sale.

My father was an engineer with a creative side. He was a
rockhound in southern Calif. in the 50’s & 60’s. He created some
interesting faceted stones and etc. Sometime in the mid 50’s he
went to Hawaii and purchased a bunch of black deep sea coral
(Antipatharian Coral) It is an endangered coral requiring a
license to harvest and because it is found very deep is extremely
hard to get. My father acquired it legally and therefore I can
sell it legally.

When my dad died in 1985 I found it in the trash (my kids
thought it was dead tree branches) and rescued it and added it to
the estate. I have quite a bit and have worked with it a little.
It is extremely easy to work, much like wood. It can be easily
sanded into quite a high polish and is beautiful. I have used
sponge backed manicuring abrasives as it conforms to the pieces
easily. It can be cut with a saw, filed, carved, drilled etc.
Cross sections reveal rings much like cross sections of tree
branches. The pieces I have range in size from about an inch in
dia. down to 1/8". Most pieces are about 1/2" dia. The length
ranges from about 5" to 36". I’ve included pictures of it. I laid
the stuff on my scanner and went for it. (no camera handy). The
largest piece had to be scanned in 3 sections. I did not notice
the mummified spider until later, there is not extra charge for

At 74 I’ve realized I probably will not use it and it’s a crying
shame that when I drop dead the kids will probably put it back in
the trash. Soooooooooooooo each piece is priced and based on my
research it is a very fair price. I will not negotiate on the
price (my plumbing is shot and I need money). If you or anyone
you know might like to play with some please feel free to give me
a call, email, etc. You forward this to anyone you wish.

I’m located in Vista, CA in North San Diego County.

Joan Myers 760-940-8096 joanybony at cox dot net

If you are interested please email or call her off list.