[4Sale] Barely used metalsmithing equipment

Closing Shop and Selling New/Barely Used Metalsmithing Equipment

I am closing my business and selling a ton of new/barely used
metalsmithing equipment that I ordered rather over-eagerly and
haven’t really touched. Items include:

-Pepe Jump Ring Maker
-Little Torch Propane Outfit W/5 Tips Oxygen & Propane Regulator,
Empty Tanks and Caddy
-Otto Frei Starter Soldering Kit
-Foredom Flex Shaft
-Foredom MH-5 Clamp on Flexshaft Hanger
-Swiss Sawblade Assortment on Wood Stand
-Assortment of Other Tools

Many of these items still are in their boxes and I am willing to
sell at significantly below cost. Please contact me
(@Lauren_Gindes1) if you are interested in seeing photos or
getting more or to negotiate pricing.

Lauren Gindes