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[4Sale] Auction catalogs

Hi everyone! I’ve run into a bit of a snag selling some of my aunts
books mainly the most expensive ones which are not considered to be
vintage Nor are they considered to be supplies. So I need a new
place to sell them.

The first is “Un Diamant dans La Ville” Jean Schlumberger 1907- 1987
Bijoux- Objets (ALL IN FRENCH)

The second “The Magical Art Of Cartier” ISBN 2-940019-18-5

plus a few others that are great books for jewelers but don’t
qualify as noted above.

I’m looking to sell these in the US only- they are heavy! I really
dislike ebay and am looking for other alternatives.

If you have any suggestions I’d be glad to hear them.

thx- pamela

I would be interested in both of the books that you mention. If you
have an idea as to what you might want for them please let me know.
I am happy to pay a fair price and that would save you from having
to figure out an alternate way of selling them. Please let me know
if you are interested. Thanks very much, Tim

Try abebooks


Where are you located? I take classes at the Museum of fine arts

I would be willing to request permission to post a note on the
metals bulletin board with titles if that would help.

Best, Mary

Hi, What do you want for these? I might be interested.

I would be interested in purchasing them. What would you like for