[4Sale] Arizonia Display Cases

Good day Orchidland members;

I am selling 4 gold tone display cases made by Arizonia Display. I
have the cases with mirrored doors/locks item # AG132MD, 4 travel
cases item # BFC3A, 4 strips of LED lights with a 6 bank of lights #
BLED365, and 4 strips of LED lights (4 bank of lights) BLED355. All
lightening is 5K in whiteness. I used these last year for about 8
shows. I paid over $5,000 and would like to sell them for $4,000.
Any one interested I am in New England. Please contact me directly
not thru this forum.

I also had custom made cherry bases which if you were to purchase the
cases I would give you. The bottom insert is “pearl Leatherette”

Barbara Smith McLaughlin - Goldsmith