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[4Sale] All my vintage jewelry and rollingmill

Buying a home with a shop pictures can be seen on my blog here on
orchid or I am in the middle of buying a home with a
shop and suddenly without warning 3 other people have jumped in and
turned my buy into a bidding war with me as the only person who
wants to live there the other are all investors. buy up house fix
them up and sell them quick or rent them out.with only my retirement
and disability income I can,t do the loan thing so its got to be a
cash sale. all that i have left is some family heirloom i have spoken
with my children and they would rather me sell it all and get a home
that is handicap adaptable (i am a l5-s1 paraplegic)so i am selling
all my vintage family heirloom jewelry and rolling mill. and unique
ingot maker.

I have American bear claw squash age unknown oldest piece in it is
300 years old. each generation added to it. started out as a simple
silver curved plate an heavy silver chain half round hand pulled my
uncle showed me the draw plate and the mold that made the first
piece. the strength to pull this was incredible.the base mold was set
on the fire so the silver stayed liquid when poured to spread it out
and shape it then it was hammered out a bit saw another one round he
said it was for silver bowls. so that how the pored sheet must have
taken a lot of practice. but way cool. later other part were added
and the person who added the center piece a hand carved from walrus
ivory the trail of tears the original art work of the piece must have
really touched him Seneca’s are not much for horses.he also marked it
as sterling with his letters for his first and last name and last
but not least bear claws hinged. the metal is very thick i do not
know when they got a mill but i think it was long after this was
made.weighs 8.405 oz was told more the 20 years ago it was worth
12000. taking offers even insulting ones. ow forgot the cord looking
stuff is elk sinue more native style jewelry large bracelet weighs
4.599 oz

smaller bracelet 2.041 oz blood coral ring.151 oz its all real
turquoise and blood coral no dyes any thing with bear claws on it
cant be sold in Florida and a few other states does not matter that
everything pre-dates the laws. but they can be given as gifts so if
you see a gift you would like i will sell you something else here are
a few more pieces i am sorry that the pictures are so bad my camera
is broken and this one is also broken will not focus

well lets move on to something more modern less then 100 years old2
solid gold bracelets both 18 k one with no markings just beautiful
bangle half round with hand engraving almost all the way around a
space was left to engrave a name or sentiment…894 oz or 16.30 dwt

The other is a woven pattern with clasp.864 or 15.75 dwt i can not
take less then 3000 for this one out of every thing this hurt the

both were made in Germany or France do not know which. my mothers
family was right on line.

The mill is a basic one with 2 wire rollers and 2 sheet rollers no
real wear but i did make a lot of wire wanted a combo but budget at
time was lower end not hard to change over if i can do it anyone can.
very easy asking 190 plus shipping about 35 large flat rate box if i
take it apart not all the way it will fit in large flat rate box.
they will take up to 70 lb which is good i do not know the weight but
it is heavy only indication of ware is where i bolted it down.took a
bit of paint off around bolt holes 2 of them and a few parts no rust
it claims to be a 4to1 to be honest i think they fibbed i would say 3
to 1 despite spec sheet. but who knows maybe it is and i am a

last but not least a ingot maker set up so you can do it one handed
has hookup for propane or acetylene and air so you do not need your
torch.that part is removable if you do not like it. have 2 crucibles
used one other never used was saving it for gold. ingot is sheet
adjustable fits in this cast iron base steel body contraption just
put in metal and fire it up when metal is ready you just grab the
handle and put down all done. cool but better for some one who is
afraid of pouring by hand or is handicapped you could do this with a
foot ha ha.not really funny i know we have a few very disabled people
on this sight i am not the only one some much worse of then me. that
who i hope gets this one gentlemen has been on my mind holding his
torch in his mouth.this would be prefect for him. gas goes on top
tube and air onside or just take it of and fire with your other
torch. this is ajustable and very easy to use

I got it as a present when a freind saw me in shorts and i had some
nasty burns on my legs i told him it was spilling a pot of boiling
water i just did not get ice and ointment on all of it how can you
when you cant feel it.

but i think some where in his mind was that torch. so i did get a
few burns from being a dumb ass i turned the torch off and droped it
across my lap i had on a work apron that goes to my feet but the
side of my leg was exposed. did it a few times before i found the
burns. I can not find the price of this gadget can only guess over
100 I got the extra crucible from national but they went under i
never used it. the other was used for silver you can use other last
but not least a ingot maker set up so you can do it one handed has
hookup for propane or acetylene and air so you do not need your
torch.that part is removable if you do not like it. have 2 crucibles
and ingot molds the as long as it fit the space the suport is
ajustable and i think you could easly make a bigger one if you can
fold sheet metal (steel) I am also selling cath supplies at half to
1\4 the market price i have lots extra while i had insurance the doc
made a typo and put cases insted of boxes those who need them know
what I am taking about have a few 100 intermittrays boxes of plain
red.bed and leg bags lube tape even a extra elecric wheelchair need
new batterys I have almost 40 days to ajust my bid the buyers broker
thinks i need 15 to 20 that thousands more it is a short sale worth
6 times what i am offering it sat for a long time no body gave it a
look till i put in a bid then the investor came out of the wood work
like cockrochess they are. the only thing in my favor is the bank
prefure resident buyers but with cash they could care less who they
sell to. hopfully some of those investores are barrowing the money

When I saw the words “bear claws”, red flags went up. In some states
bear claws are illegal to posses. NM, WY they used to be ok, & I
guess still so. OK, only if…“certain state law specifics apply to
this”. I used to live in OK before TX & forgot. However, when I was
still living in OK I told another Native American (gallery owner) who
lived in TX I was going to make a bear claw pendant. She warned me
about this TX law. She told me about a man that had one just
displayed at a gun show in Amarillo. I don’t think he went to jail,
but he was fined a very large fine & the claw was taken. You don’t
have to be buying or selling, but just in possession of any down
here in TX.

Also, when I was traveling a lot I found out certain turtle parts &
deer parts in some states (think it was MS on the turtle…been too
many years ago) are illegal to sell (maybe not possess, just sell).

You would think these would be federal laws, not state. Some of the
states enforce these very stricktly. I think they may check any
Native American activities (pow wows) & gun shows possibly than other
venues. In OK I could sell deer antler earrings I made, use the skull
for display, but was told I couldn’t sell the skull, which made no
sense to me. So to avoid fines, & or going to jail check with the
state agency.

Sharon Perdasofpy

you did not read everything. i say that in florida and a few other
states you can not sell or trade bear parts. but it is ok to possess
or give as a gift. that why most natives will sell you a stone and
give you a present of some thing you like. for a time i worked in a
busness office and every month i made out a check to a bill i called
my paper clip bill i sell 2000 amonth woeth of paper clips and a
goverment office who will go name less provides a service for free.
we call that bribeing my boss called it doing business. same thing
white black or native we all find way around the road blocksput in
front of us. want to buy a rock?

best wish