40 cu ft Oxygen tanks

Hi Guys,

Does anybody have experience with the 40 cu ft Oxygen Tanks? How long
to they last for? I am trying to decide if to get 2 of these smaller
ones, or the 2 large 2000 cu ft tanks. I know the large tanks could
last me about a year though.

Thanks, Gian.

Are you asking how long the tanks themselves last or how long a fill
will last?

The oxy tanks will last a very long time but need to be inspected
occasionally. The frequency depend on the law.

How long the fill last depends on you. No body can say without know
a specific usage value; like 2 cu ft/day, or something. Comparing the
volume of the tanks should be straight forward and the welding
supply you get your fill at should be able to advise you. Ask them if
you bought the smaller tank, could you trade it in on a bigger tank.
Use the small tank for a while and measure your usage.

Dan Culver


Sorry for the mix up. I was actually talking about the tank fill.
Not the actual tank.


From the practical side, that is accounting for my procrastination,
I’d prefer two tanks. When one runs out order another, you’ll always
have backup Suits me better than forgetting to keep an eye on a
single, dwindling gauge only to find myself ‘out’ suddenly.