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[4 Sale] Durston Rolling Mill

I have a top-of-the-line “158 Double Combination Rolling Mill” with
2 handles. I have hardly used it and it is in excellent condition.
I live in Tucson and hope that someone who is in town for the Gem &
Mineral Show or someone local would like to buy it.

I paid $1500 3 years ago and noticed that the same model is now
selling for $1,840. I am asking $1475 since it is like new. As it
weighs 209 lbs, this would be a good price since shipping costs would
be eliminated.

Please contact me offline at: @Artes_Primtiv. I can email
photos if you like. Please refer to page 106 of new Rio Grande
equipment catalog.

Kind regards,

V. Vivier
Artes Primitiv
Tucson, AZ