3M FX Wheels grits

I am interested in learning about the new 3M FX polishing wheels.
What grits to start out with and about how long they last. I work in
a small shop and the amount of polishing is minimal. We have no
ventalation system and this would make the room much cleaner. I am
wondering which would be more economical, using these new wheels or
investing in a new polisher with a cleaning system.

Start with http://www.3m.com/creativearts and read the PDF catalogue
which separates products by use; i.e. jewellery, sculpture,
automotive, etc.

Hope it helps.
Ryan Taylor - Toronto

the new fx wheels are great for watch bands and stainless. as well
stuller has new stainless steel polish. i will show it at the show.
come by and see it… the tool guy