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3design jeweler

I first became interested in aquiring a CAD/CAM system more than ten
years ago. At that time software and hardware could easily cost more
than $40,000. I had a New Hermes computerized engraving machine for
another part of my business and began using it to cut waxes. The
machine only worked in the x, y axeses so it was severely limited. I
could not afford the real thing. I have witnessed the Matrix demo at
a jewelry show and was quite impressed but the price was too high
for me. Also, the designs I have see created from Matrix do not
inspire me at all. They all seem to look similar. Two years ago I
downloaded a demo version of Rhino. I spent maybe 20 hours working
with the tutorials and decided to purchase it. Later I got the Taig
Micro Mill, Desk Proto and Bob Cad. I’ve been working with this
hardware and software for a year and a half and now couldn’t live
without it. There is a learning curve but I was producing jewelry
within a week. Every so often I take a day and spend time with the
tutorials. Each time I do this I find new ways of tackling design
problems I’ve encountered along the way. I haven’t found Rhino
difficult in the least. If you follow the tutorials, you don’t need
to take a formal course. I haven’t seen 3 design jeweler yet and
would like to see some examples of work created using this software.
If anyone can offer websites showing work created using this
system, I would appreciate it.