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3D printed anchor chain link

Some people were curious about creating an item in the Autodesk 123D
program and then having them printed to see how they come out. The
professional way would be to have a real jewelry printing service do
it but since this is a personal project at the moment, there is no
one to pass the costs on to when it’s done.

Long story short, after creating the. stl file, you have options to
have anyone print it. The anchor chain link is only.095 cm cubed in

Since my model is is simple, this was not a concern. For only 10
bucks I had Shapeways send me a model in raw bronze, and then I’m
going to finish it myself. I have it nearly finished, just have to
finish the surface of the holes. (see link for photo)

The crazy thing is, for Shapeways to send your model in raw or
polished bronze, (I picked raw because I wanted to finish it my way),
they actually FIRST print your model in wax, then they cast your
model in bronze.

The pricing is incredible considering this. But again, I would
suggest having an actual jewelry printing company print your 3d
models for your customers and business because companies like
Shapeways probably can’t provide the precision and finish for your
more valuable models especially if they are any more complex than my
basic model I tried here. Plus Shapeways and the other similar
companies often take over 2 weeks to send your one single model. So
the 10 bucks I spent to get my model in bronze sounds great but a
professional jewelry printing company will print yours much quicker,
like 3 days, and with a perfect finish at least in wax.

My photo show the raw bronze link straight from Shapeways, then
after I almost have it finished so I can send the master for a mold.

take care,