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3D Metal printing

Dear friends of the fraternity,

Am looking forward to your suggestions in selecting the best possible set up for 3D printing of precious metals.

Would appreciate any assistance which comes my way.

Nilesh Gupta
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+9175063 34499.

Do you really mean 3D printing of metal, or 3D printing of resin models to be cast?
3D printing of metals is unnecessarily expensive. Not only is the equipment orders of magnitude more expensive than resin printers, but the finely divided metal powders needed for laser sintering are significantly more expensive than casting grain.
All in all there’s still little to recommend 3D metal printing for jewelry.
There was a German firm displaying at the MJSA show a couple of years ago that manufactures a small laser sintering machine and the gold powder needed, but I didn’t take their info. Possibly one of the European members here can put you on to them.

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Hi All friend
3D printing directly with metal powder is a great innovation in manufacturing jewelry in the next couple of years .
Time is going fast and new technology improves day by day. I think with this DMLS technology wastage / losses
of precious metal will be controlled and negligible . Some designs are very complicated with lost wax casting .
Some designs are very tiny and not able to be finished by hand very nicely . many more benefits with DMLS.
It will be the next level of manufacturing . Goodluck