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3D Jewelry Design parameters

was: 3D Jewelry Design Competition

M.C. Escher just to name one showed us many things that could be
drawn but not turned into a 3d object. There's jewelry drawings,
and then there's jewelry. How many renderings have I returned for
redraw because they just could not be done in metal... I'm not
going to get all into this because I don't actively do CNC, but I
do agree 

correction: CAD files are not drawings, and MC Escher’s, "design’s"
could no more be built in CAD than they could be in metal. don’t
confuse the renderings that a CAD program can produce with the file
created that is used to build a 3-D model. as a CAD designer i too
have also returned many drawings that can’t be built for the same

If someone wants to do a Jewelry Rendering Competition (aside:
competition for what?), that's fine, but it won't be a jewelry
design competition. 

sorry, if the resulting piece would qualify as a piece of jewelry
why couldn’t it be considered? the skills needed to create a piece of
jewelry using a CAD program include most of the knowledge of
fabricating and some additional don’t forget every CAD
built piece MUST be finished by hand. it is merely a tool to improve
the final product. great for those who grasp the essentials, useless
for those who don’t.


working with CAD 4+ years.

and MC Escher's, "design's" could no more be built in CAD than they
could be in metal. 

April, I’m on your side. It’s a metaphor. I think CNC is a gift to
the jewelry industry. I think that some who would say it can do
everything that can be done by hand, and that hand crafting is in
danger of extinction just don’t know very much about hand crafting.
But CNC is perfect for what it’s perfect for. I don’t personally have
the whole rig, but I do contract out work as needed, at times.

I recently ran across a couple of interesting things on the web
related to 3D work. One is a sculptor who does complex mathematical
shapes in what he calls direct metal printing, which produces a
steel- bronze composite. A fascinating process.

The other is a freeware software package for 3D scanning using a web
cam and a hand-held laser pointer.

It’s amazing what’s out there!

Janet Kofoed