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3D enameling

Does anyone know where I can find on glass enameling a
3d copper object either by torch or kiln? I searched the archives
but did not find relevant posts. I live in NYC so I would also be
interested in a workshop or privateinstruction. Thanks, Mary

Mary. try checking out Grains of Glass website. It is an enamelist’s
website that has a number of people enameling on 3d vessels. They
are most generous about sharing on enameling. What type
of shape are you trying to enamel? Vessels? Repousse? What technique
are you interested in doing? Just a few things you should mention
when asking about enamel Best to you, Chris

Hello Mary,

This past weekend I took a three day workshop at Metalwerx in
Waltham, MA with Deb Lozier and it was on that very subject. We made
paper models then translated them into 3D copper pieces using
folding, soldering and welding techniques. We fired in the kiln and
torch-whichever we wanted. Although I’ve done a little torch firing
in the past, Deb’s teaching really resulted in some beautiful
results. I’m looking forward to playing with this in my studio. I
see on her website that she plans to give this class again at
Arrowmont in August 2015. I know this doesn’t help you in NYC but
you can check her site in case other venues are added? I can highly
recommend this class! I’ve been making jewelry for quite a while,
taking tons of classes, so it’s always wonderful to learn something
that gets me really excited to do back in my own space.

Just had to post since your question was so timely!

Mary Lyons

Linda Darty’s book The Art of Enameling has a project detailing how
to enamel a 3-D cone shape. It’s an excellent book.

Pam Farren
Worcester, MA