3D design with Blender

Does any of you do the 3D design with Blender?
What kind of experiences?
What printer are you using?

The Blender seems to be a workable solution for 3D design for some
users. I’d like to start the 3D design, but I don’t want to spend a
fortune for the program. For the MAC the selection is either free
Blender or 3Design at 6600$.

Blender seems to be the choice.


Blender is a free software open license it doesn’t cost anything!!!

Teri Davis

Blender is a highly capable 3D program. What it lacks in the jewelry
specific addons of the expensive commercial programs it more than
makes up for in price. There are many tutorials freely available
online for preparing blender files for printing. It’s a great program
for working in sculptural forms of any sort.

Elliot Nesterman


If posted a few recent messages about using Autodesk 123D and
printing models that way. Blender and Maya would definitely be a more
professional way because there are tons of more tools to create your
models. I don’t yet fully understand the limitations of the free 3d
modeling softwares like Autodesk 123D but from what I’m understanding
the limitations are getting smaller over the last few years.

For someone with no training in 3d modeling like myself, Autodesk
123D was fantastic. I made my anchor chain link model I posted
yesterday in less than 40 minutes with 20 minutes accounting for just
watching a tutorial.

Since I don’t plan on using 3d modeling and printing jewelry for the
bulk of my work, I am hoping this will work for when I need it. But I
think it is good to use Blender if you are more serious about it and
will make lots of models by 3d printing.

I would much rather never have to use 3d software, but for the rare
times I need to, so far 123D worked great and getting a bronze master
printed for 10 dollars is amazing.

I have used Blender but not for jewelry. I made some 3D ear models
for work. It is very powerful, but also fairly steep learning curve
if you have never used a CAD program before. However, the price is

thank y’all for the software name/reference for Blender, it is
available on the Ubuntu Linux platform, with a manual also available,
so I have a new form of software to learn. expanding my mind, again.