35 mm Slide Scanner

Last week I bought a Minolta 35mm slide scanner from a photo company.
The name was Dimage Dua Scan with a SCSI card in the system. Well I
worked for 4 days trying to get the thing configured and it said that
I didn’t have the SCSI turned on. I found out by taking my system to a
tecknetion to finish loading it he sand that there was no SCSI
connecting cables and that I didn’t have a SCSI system in the scanner
. I took it back to the dealer and demanded a full refund of the
purchase price plus tax. At first he refused then I said that I would
take hin to court and then he agreed to the full refund. The reason I
am writing this is my Question? Has any body had a similar problem
with this same scanner. I have went to a large computer store here in
L.A. and I liked the Canon unit called Canoscan FS 2710 . It has
2799dpi and 36 bit and a SCSI interface [HD50/HD50] Cost was $549.95
and the dealer knocked $25.00 off of the price, I plan to use the
scanner for scanning my miniature game heads so I can put them on th
Ne. Is this a good unit for the price. Any advice will be greatly

Billy S. Bates
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Billy, I have the Canoscan slide scanner and it is really terrific. I
am using Photoshop with a Mac. The cost is reasonable, I paid $524
for mine in Boston and I think the dealer always knocks $25 off the
price to make you feel better. The only problem can be in the
“chaining” of your peripherals. I am stretched to the max now with a
flatbed scanner, a zip disc, printer, the slide scanner and a flash
card reader for my digital camera.


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I’m not quite sure I understand what problem you were having with
your SCSI connections but I did want to say that earlier this year I
purchased a slide scanner from Hewlett Packard for $299 and it’s been
working wonderfully. It’s the Photo Smart Photo scanner. I saw this
model in stores for between $400-$450 but you can get it from the HP
website store for $299: http://www.shopping.hp.com Do a search for
product # C5100A-ABA It scans slides nicely, and I’ve been using it a
lot lately. We chose this model also because it’s not limited to just
Windows or Mac software. I run it through a Unix machine and scan
through a program called GIMP (Linuxs’ answer to Photoshop).

If you want to see examples of scanned images here’s a link. All of
these where shot on 35mm slide film and scanned on the PhotoSmart at
600-dpi (it goes up to 2400-dpi) and cropped down to 640x480. (click
thumbnails for the larger images):

Amy O’Connell
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Hi Billy,

The best place to check prices on electronic equipment is
http://www.pricewatch.com. I’ve been buying stuff there for years
with not a single problem. I checked the price of your Cannon
scanner, its the top of the line from Cannon, and it was $485 best
price. I think for the $40 difference, I’d stick with the local
dealer and be sure to get a 3-5 year service contract. the shipping
would probably eat up most of the $40 difference and you will be able
to get local service from your dealer should you have a problem.
Looking at the specs, its quite a good scanner, great resolution and
great price. You will probably still need a SCSI (Small Computer
System Interface) card in your PC for the scanner to attach to. Most
scanners come with one, but even if it dosent, they are relatively
cheap…about $25. If you have Win98, its plug and play, so if you
get a plug and play SCSI card, its a no brainer. Hollar off line if I
can be of help.

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Thanks for your info on the HP slide scanner, Amy. When looking at
your photos I noticed that you label Larimar as moonstone. It is in
fact a pectolite, . Here’s a page about it.