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$28,000 diamond swap, bo on look out

My brother’s store here in Atlanta had a smooth looking gentleman
swap a $28,000 diamond for a CZ yesterday.

Be on looking out, post his picture and alert poilice if you see
him. he travels Thief Switches Cubic Zirconia for Diamond

Hi David

I saw this earlier today on JSA site and your earlier post. This guy
looks very comfortable which scares me. Hope all will keep an eye

Sorry about your brother’s loss. Hope there is some ID on the stone
to aid in recovery.


PS I lost a pal who was shot in his store in front of his wife. And
had it happened a half hour later my wife would have been there.

Is this diamond marked in any way?, will keep my eyes open. Although
in this area gems of that calbre are rarely seen. but being maybe an
hour north of smyrna, will pass the word around.


Thanks keep us updated, how was he able to do this and get away with

Ouch, ouch, ouch!


I am very sorry. The photo of him is very clear, well posted,
someone will recognize him. May not even be local, can the FBI be
brought in?