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24kt foil for Bahia at G.I.A

GIA needs help finding a person who could apply 24kt gold foil,
similar to that used in sign painting or statuary to the famous BAHIA
pendant/sculpture. The whole thing (several feet tall) is being
refinished. It is made of steel, which will be sandblasted, plated
with a corrosion proof coating like nickel or chrome and then 24kt
gold leaf applied to the whole surface. Can any of the Orchidians do
this or do you know someone who can? Please contact me and we will
talk about references and I will put you onto the right folks at GIA.

Daniel Ballard

Hi Dan,

Gilding like this is done by people who gild picture frames, as
well, old fashioned sign painters will know how. I would check the
art gallery scene for this. best Charles