24K gold alloy

Hi, George, I asked the same thing about 5-8 months ago with no
response. I did write all of the info down. I think it is made in
Japan but a company in California sells it.

Pure Gold
Box 20305
ElSobrante, CA 94803
Any brave volunteers to try this stuff?
Michael Chapman
Tallahassee FL. USA

George, I recall from several years ago reading about 999 gold.
I believe it was some literature from the world gold council.
You might try to contact them. JA may be of some help. It sounds
like it was very hard to work with. Good Luck.

On another note George, did you ever have any luck casting with
stones in place? I will be teaching a class at Revere this
summer if you are still interested.


hi everyone,

i was loooking in the wrong magazine subscription. pure gold
advertises in ajm, not jck. a hearty thankyou to all that
responded. they are in el sobrante, ca.

from what i understand at this time, there are two types of
’pure gold’. pure gold for fabrication and casting under a
cover gas or vacuum with induction, resistance melt. or pure gold
which has limitations for the thickness of the item to be cast
but has the advantage of being cast without cover gases, vacuum
etc. it does not like to overheated. it is best melted with
induction but it can be torch melted with care.

due to the higher melting temps it requires a phosphate based
investment (like for platinum).

it can be purchased in any amount required.

being me, i hate to send anything out except bead stringing. so
i’ll attempt a casting with option ‘c’. i’ll let everyone know
how it turns out.

thanks again

best regards,

geo fox

hi ray,

thanks, with help i found the source. i’ve already received my
shipment of this gold. it easily rolled out to 1.2 mm from the
original 6mm rod (i didn’t measure it, just my memory). it didn’t
get +ACo-omygod+ACo- harder or spingy, but one is supposed to age
harden it when all fabrication and soldering is complete to
atttain max hardness. i haven’t done that yet. i’ll attempt the
casting within the week. the manufacturer says to treat it as
platinum: use a phosphate based investment and a wesgo crucible
dedicated to that particular metal.

i haven’t had the opportunity to cast with stones in place yet,
but i’m willing to try as soon as i do. it sounds like a great
class and it would be great to see you again… if time allows.

your pal,