22k solder recipe?

I need a cadmium free hard solder for 22k however I can only find easy solder. However I do have a recipe for the soldeit is 917 parts gold, 38 parts silver, 31.5 parts copper and 13.5 parts zinc. Would this work as solder? The 22k gold I am using will be composed of 917 parts gold, 48 parts silver and 35 parts copper.

What do you need to solder and why do need to make? I have 21ky hard solder from Hoover & Strong for 22k fab and sizing with melt Pt 1531 and flow Pt 1661 but it is old and has warning for well ventilated area so may have cadmium.

Works well for sizing 22k. If color match is an issue? I will roll out 22k to as thin as my mill can get it, then trim to size, insert in seam and heat to weld.

I also mix solders for desired result.

PM me if you need anymore info


We stock a 22kt Yellow Medium solder that flows @ 1695F.

Ken Babayan
DHF Inc.

Is it cadmium free?

No. It has Cad. We tested with a substitute but the it did not flow sufficiently.

I know rio grande has a cadmium free 22k easy solder, but I don’t think easy solder can be used to join rink shanks, my intended use. It flows at 910 degrees centigrade (1670 F) do you think this could this be used to join ring shanks?

You also mention mixing solders (I assume you mean mixing differnt solders together?) Would it be possible to combine said 22k easy solder from rio grande with regular 22k gold to make a higher melting point solder?

I just fuse my 22kt. Fuses beautifully like fbroz says.

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I suppose I just feel more comfortable soldering. I tried fusing once while making a fine silver ring and collapsed the seam. Not a mistake I want to repeat in 22k.