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22K solder opinion

I have ordered a paste solder that is in a syringe from John
Bernardin at PureGold. His phone is 510-262-9560 and his email is He is my supplier for heat treatable 24k that I
use for my new Woven Collection and is a very nice guy to work
with. The 22k solder is a good match for the 24k wire but it is not
the easiest solder to work with. I have found the best luck by
squirting it out and beading the solder up into little balls and
thereby separating it from the paste flux it is suspended in. I
think this type of solder may work best by kiln soldering but I am
using a torch and soldering under magnification so I can control
precisely where it goes.

t lee
NEW WEBSITE that includes the 2002 Woven Collection is finally up and
running - wow, what an adventure and a process!