22k gold and fine silver granules

Hi Orchidians, If anyone is looking to purchase small amounts of gold
and silver granules for granulation jewelry making I have just
purchased some more granules from SPM both 22k gold and fine silver.
I have more than I need so i am continuing to list them on ebay,
which i hope to do indefinatly or at least have a continual supply
available. If any one needs small amounts you can find them there or
just email me @Tai_Vautier. I know it is a real pain to buy
the minimum amount from SPM as they are so expensive so this is a
good way to get enough for a few projects, with out having to do a
the minimum purchase. I plan on purchasing some more sizes soon so i
will be making those available as well in the next few months. Hope
this helps those that are doing granulation jewelry, or just want to
try it out.