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2007 Tucson Report

Hi All,

I’m sitting up in my hotel room, trying to relax from four
exhilirating days at Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion. it’s been a very
busy show and I was happy to meet so many of out there in Orchid Land
at the Orchid Dinner and at my booth.

The Orchid Dinner I think, was the best this that I have ever
attended. We had a relaxed and friendly dinner, the bidding on the
Silent Auction and raffle went very well.

On behalf of Metalwerx, I would like to thank the entire Rio Grande
staff for making our experience productive and welcome. You are a
great company, and if a company is a measure of its employees, it is
a great company indeed.

I would also like to thank MJSA for hosting my talk at AGTA on the
Flexshaft. Although my demo materials decided to take a little
holiday in Wilmington, CT., I was forched “wing” my talk, relying on
a Power Point presentation which included slides I shot for an
upcoming article. It was the best talk I have ever given, finding my
voice and passion and connecting to a standing room only audience. I
remembered at that time, why I love to do what I do, and how I can
relay my passion of teaching to others. I think the success from
that lecture set the tone for the days to come.

Thank you everyone. It was a spectacular conference.

Fond regards,