2006 Kraftwerks

The 2006 Kraftwerks Invitational is taking shape. Our ninth
edition…September 30th and October 1st 2006-We have wonderful
people signed up. I can just give you a small taste for today…

Jurgen Maerz who plans audience participation for a Pt at the bench
session. Never before have we tried to include so much direct
participation at this high level. You can sit with him and try
platinum work for the first time…

Dalan Hargrave the renowned goldsmith and gem carver will be
teaching bench top lapidary with the Foredom tool on the jewelers
bench. He was explaining to me how jewelers can learn to slightly
touch up diamonds and other gemstones right at the bench to avoid
breaks and ensure the best results from a surprising variety of

Mark Mann, one of the leading writers and instructors in our trade
has been off the seminar circuit for some time. Ordinarily the only
way to get this gentleman’s expertise is in his articles. Once again
you can get to him directly at Kraftwerks while he shows many of the
advantages enjoyed by 950Palladium over white gold. Mark has been
writing on palladium for Professional Jeweler for some time now. He
just might be the top expert in 950pd in terms of bench work and
setting. See what the “fairest white metal of all” can do for you.

Kraftwerks will provide you all an opportunity to increase or expand
your skills. We provide combinations of skill, equipment and metals
that can not be found at other seminars or schools. We provide the
very spirit and real experience in the innovation process. Every
Kraftwerks we demonstrate some wonderful breakthrough or innovation.

In past years we showed you how to move up from gold casting into
platinum, and cast in three hours with stones in place, showed and
gave demos on the worlds first ever plumb platinum solders, how to
translate your inner design abilities into real jewelry, compared
torch casting and induction casting in a “tag team” style borrowed
from debates and even did bimetal casting-stone in place with cad-cam

Have you been yet?

Call 800-999-7528 for more or to sign up. We who run
Kraftwerks are grateful for the support provided by Ganoksin and our
sponsors. I can promise a special discount for anyone who has posted
to Orchid. Just send your post and a note to