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2005 Tucson Orchid Dinner is a Success

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2005 Orchid Dinner is a Success
Orchid Members Celebrate Forum’s Achievements at Annual Dinner

This year’s Orchid Dinner once again brought Orchid members
face-to-face-some for the very first time-to celebrate the
achievements and highlight the growth of the Orchid online forum
they all support. Three hundred and twenty-five Orchidians attended
the ninth-annual dinner event sponsored by Rio Grande and held at
the Savoy Opera House in Tucson, making it the largest and most
successful Orchid gathering yet.

Orchid, an online forum offered through the Ganoksin website,
provides the world’s largest free exchange of substantive technical
content, spanning a variety of subjects pertaining to the gem and
jewelry industries. The 5200-member community exchanges
industry-specific ideas and opinions, often while
cultivating close relationships through frequent interaction. Each
year, community members gather to attend the Tucson dinner to
further their relationships as well as to share about
Ganoksin and the many benefits of its resources.

In a speech he presented at the dinner, Hanuman, the architect
behind Orchid and the Ganoksin project, highlighted significant
accomplishments in 2004 that resulted in substantial growth for the
online forum. He noted that the number of articles in the Ganoksin
library has doubled due to new alliances with leading trade
magazines, publications and authors. Through a mutual project with
AJM magazine, Orchid will also produce and publish a series of books
called “Orchid in Print” which will focus on specific equipment and
techniques for the bench jeweler.

In addition, the website has added a video component to allow
visitors to view live metals demonstrations, as well as an “Industry
Trade Index” containing over 700 websites in 168 categories and a
compiled comprehensive bibliography of selected books and magazines
covering a broad range of gem and jewelry topics-all available for
purchase online through Ganoksin.

Hanuman concluded his speech by saying, “I look forward to the
coming year as we are poised to provide even greater service to the
trade and public.”

Ganoksin and the Orchid forum welcome and encourage everyone in the
jewelry industry to experience the community that it offers. To
explore the benefits and relationship-building, visit

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