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2005 Niche Award winners

Congratulations go out to Orchid members Lisa Hawthorne and Cynthia
Eid, who each won a Niche Award on Feb. 20!

2005 Orchid members NICHE Awards Winners

Jewelry-Silver with Stones
Cynthia Eid
Lexington, MA
Pearly Ends

Lisa Hawthorne
Coquille, OR
Caribbean Carnival

From the Niche Awards website:

"Winners of the 2005 NICHE Awards were honored in a ceremony held at
the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft. The coveted NICHE
award was given to artists in 34 categories including glass,
ceramics, jewelry, wood, metal and fiber.

Sponsored by NICHE magazine, the exclusive trade publication for
retailers of American craft, the NICHE Awards program recognizes
excellence and innovation in the American and Canadian craft

American and Canadian craft artists submitted nearly 1,000 entries
for the 2005 competition. In November 2004, NICHE magazine announced
the 138 finalists, who were invited to display their work in the
NICHE Awards exhibit at the Philadelphia Buyers Market, February
18-21, 2005. Winners will be featured in the spring 2005 issue of
NICHE magazine.

Entries were judged on three main criteria:

-technical mastery and creativity, both in surface design and
-market viability
-a distinct quality of unique and original thought

Applications for the 2006 NICHE Awards will be available in early
spring 2005 at