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2002 agta show registrration

With regard to the mess made this year for preregistration at the
AGTA show - I was ready to send the endless paper work, but both a
phone call and the AGTA website said that if you were registered
last year, your badge would be sent automatically.

No badge ever appeared, even with subsequent followup. Maybe they
have too many customers.



I emailed them in the beginning of the year because my badge hadn’t
show up. I got a response giving me their phone number
(800-972-1162) to contact if it had not arrived by January 15. Mine
did arrive by then, but you could give them a call to check on


Hello all, Re Judy Hoch’s posting: I agree this is confusing! I was
surprised to get the “call for preregistration”, as I thought the
badge would be forthcoming without all the paperwork. I sent in the
paperwork… grumblingly. I now have the badge, but if they’d not
sent it, I would not have bothered pursuing it. As someone already
said, there’s so much to see and so many vendors, it’s no skin off my
back if AGTA doesn’t admit me!

Looking forward to seeing many Orchidians in Tucson and a special

thanks to Sam P. for his hard work!! Thanks also to Kenneth Singh
for his donations for the wonderful rolling mill raffles. Even
though I’ve already bought one of Kenneth’s rolling mills, I plan to
buy a raffle ticket. Should I win, I don’t have to mess with
changing rollers!!! Hoo boy!

Thanks also to Hanuman. I wish he would be in Tucson so we could
all thank him in person. Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 237
Seaton Hall Kansas State University Manhattan KS 66506 (785) 532-2936