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2 Cataract eyes!

Nothing heavier than 15 lbs. is told to the patient. Eye drops 4x a day,
resting as much as I can.
This Wednesday, is when I will know when the second will be done. I’m on
top of the cancellation list. Strong sunlight is like sheer hell for me
right now. Just discovered what that “big screen box” is in my basement
is…oh it’s a television!
I can now see the leaves on a tree move, on a good day I can even see the
molecules vibrate…:>) just love reading all of the good wishes from my
’extended family’. BTW, I do read them all! hugs to you all!

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.

I can see your sense of Humor is intact. Hopefully top of the cancellation list prevails. People do chicken out and cancel. I would love to chat.

Wish you a speedy recovery Gerry.
All the best

Glad your surgery went well. Good luck with the second eye. I spent days
cleaning house after mine, although that didn’t last long. My symptoms were
glaring lights, even reflections from signs, had to stop night driving.
Colors were much cleaner after, and as a painter as well as working with
jewelry, that was startling. Eyes are our livelihood and our joy, take care
of them.


I had to cancel 2 teaching sessions but
now I’ve 2 more planned. If anyone needs my teaching services I’m now available.
Unbelievable gift of sight and we take this for granted. Our gifts of hands & fingers and now this renewed fantastic vision.
I feel like a new person!..:wink:

Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone @ EDT

keep those body parts tuned up my friend, while working on and
fabricating/creating jewelry, i had taught myself how to service
watches. as a diabetic my eyes to me are my gift. losing pinkie on
left hand which has slowed down myy detail work. its curling inwards
lol. anyways our eyes especially in this field for lack of a better
term, is our meal ticket. Gerry, heres to many MANY MORE years even
decades of creativity.

I Hi Gerry, seems like cataract surgery comes with the territory! I’m about half way there myself! Any surgery is scary - especially eye surgery when one depends on good vision to make a living! I have several neighbors in my little valley that have already had it and are thrilled with the results!
Other surgeries? We don’t even want to go there!
Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I’ve had TWO spinal-fusions and THREE more on my foot. Eye stuff is really easy !..:wink:
After one day I was back to my essay writing. In fact I just finished writing a 1,050 word essay. Before I couldn’t even see the screen!

Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!

Congratulations! It must be such a relief to be able to see clearly!
I’m on the way to cataracts - maybe a year or two! After 3 heart attacks,
bladder cancer, a triple bypass and a pacemaker - cataract surgery sounds
simple! I’m looking at mitral valve replacement a little down the road.
Getting old ain’t for sissies as the cliche goes!
Glad to hear that you’re doing well!

Otherwise with a few hurdles in our paths, we’re going well. My ongoing problem is that I gotta have bi-monthly infusions of Lido-Novocain. Otherwise I’m doing well, trying to download some photo’s from one system to the other.
I have a 220x power microscope and it has to be c&pasted now I gotta get someone to assist me.
Dinner time.:wink:

Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!

Hi Gerry 4 days ago I had a cataract removed from my left eye and like you it is amazing just how clear and colourful everything is. Whilst I was waiting for the operation my right Non cataract eye suffered from macula degeneration - before it was my good eye now it’s all but useless and no going back unfortunately. With just one good eye I’ve invested in new safety glasses. Still the advantage is I now only need a monocular microscopes etc so much cheaper.:blush: All the best with your eyes regards Robin in Scotland.

Hi Robin

I had a surgery on a Wednesday and would you believe I was back at my setting bench THE NEXT DAY! My wife was not aware of my sitting & again engraving in silver. She asked why are you doing this? I replied in all honesty “…because I can!” My left eye was 20/60 (near blind) I was a boarder-line being unable to drive again until I had my vision corrected. My right eye is now a ‘G-ds gift’, it’s stronger that 20/20 it was 20/15. My Macular/left ‘pairs’ up with my right and gives me a better chance to do intricate engraving. My surgeon gave me two surgery’s in a 30 day period, he wanted to get my eyes back to normal.
After my yearly checkup, he said “I feel that I am now a part of the story in getting your eyes repaired enough to set stones”.

We have two great eyes, two creative hands with still agile fingers. Lets keep active, even though we might have ‘some challenges’ along this fantastic road.

BTW, because of my ‘improved vision’, all of the demo-setting (since I started this blog) was not with any microscope!!!

The 73rd essay called “Practice” it is a sample of the intense cutting with my ‘better eyes’!

Regards Aaron & (absent signatures)

Hi Gerry,

I’m very glad the surgery went well!

Big relief!

Chag Sameach,


That is excellent news. And I do know from personal experience - first eye done in 2017 and second in 2018. Easy peasy everyone - don’t hesitate to have it done!!

Barbara, on what is supposed to be the warm west coast that is instead hovering near freezing levels.

Excellent news Gerry, cataract surgery is truly life altering, an artist friend of mine is waiting for her’s to ‘ripen’ as the surgeon put it before they will operate.

Add me to the list of happy cataract surgery patients. Mine was years ago, my 91 year old husband had both eyes done this year - all successful.

Congratulations to you, and to all of us who continue with our work no matter how we age, and grow!


Congratulations on a successful surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed for #2.

Eight years ago I suffered from detached retinas. Cataracts are an inevitable legacy of retinal surgery. ( Multiple surgeries can also lead to glaucoma, iris issues and corneal problems.) At any rate, at age 53 I had cataracts replaced. My left eye will never be close to normal (the aforementioned complications) but I’ve been working hard at my bench and teaching as well since I went plastic (lens-wise). It’s just the new normal.

Congratulations Andy! I have had the cataracts in both eyes operated on and the lenses replaced. My surgeon has it down to sausage factory precision with patients on their feet, to a chair, to a gurney to the OR and into a wheelchair to go home. A long wait for an op that is about 15 min long! I urge everyone to do it if they have cataracts - easy peasy! Nothing to it!
Best wishes


Thanks. It was several years ago. The lenses were a walk in the park compared to the other surgeries and the one to come. Still it was so complex that I had them done in the hospital.

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…