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2 Cataract eyes!

Just had my first of two surgeries this week, I was nervous that I
wouldn’t be able to write again. With the new implant of a lens I can see
again, as writing is so ‘relaxing’ for me.
On the hospital gurney, I noticed a very large overhead optical
microscope. Basically the surgeon did not ‘look down’ at my eye, but
through the microscope lens, as many 'setters do. In 10 minutes the
operation was finished, I’m now waiting to find out when #2 operation will
take place. I’ve had to cancel some trips as lifting heavy suitcases &
tools is out of the question for at least 2 months, for each
procedure!..Life is ‘almost fun’…OY! …:>)
*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.


Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Denny formerly from Toronto, now from Wellington, Prince Edward County!


Hi Gerry,

Now you are in the rare position of having seen the setting process from both the setter’s and the stone’s perspectives.

Good luck with #2.



one down, one to go… heres wishing you much my friend.

Hello Gerry,
Good to see, literally! This surgery is routine anymore. Be kind to yourself and the best of luck with #2!!
Judy in Kansas

Mr. Lewy - All the best to you for perfect recovery.

Yow! So glad you came through it!

I wish a smooth recovery. Vince Larochelle

all the best Gerry and hope your recovery is quick. I have a cataract in one eye and am waiting for an operation soon. a friend who had both eyes done now doesn’t need glasses at all after wearing them for 50 years.

I use surgical binoculars myself, very useful they are too. Speedy recovery… It’s amazing how brilliantly well one sees again after cataract surgery… And how simple it is these days compared to some years ago. Thank you Fred Hollows!

Best wishes! Hope all goes well with your second operation. Good Luck

Take your time and do what you’re told during recovery. I think it’s the best surgery I’ve ever had. ;>) The spring after my second cataract was removed I thought they had developed a bunch of new varieties of spring flowers. The colors were so intense! I had forgotten how vibrant and beautiful life is.

For everyone who have written…thanks & I enjoy your letters!.:>)
For the very first time in 2-3 years, I was even reading a local news
channel on a monitor from the other side of the restaurant last night.
I was just totally mesmerized, my food actually got cold from seeing and
watching people’s faces again. Even the words on this screen as I write are
so-o crisp and sharp…WOW!
We take so much for granted in our lives, for me it was walking unaided,
then standing and now seeing! Five operations in the past 6 years, I call
these hospital trips…“maintenance & warranty visits” .:slight_smile: Can’t imagine
what my seeing will be like, when the other eye gets done. Again, my dear
friends wherever you are…we are a very caring family!

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.


absolutely my friend, absolutely. hoping and praying 2nd surgery goes
as well as first. and you can go back to the old saying i recall
reading, take care and make lots of jewelry.

I’m glad that the first surgery was so successful and hope that the second one goes as smoothly. Take care of yourself and enjoy seeing properly again. Good luck and best wishes from across the pond.


After her cataract surgery a few years ago a girlfriend of mine who was an
artist said she was shocked by two things. How bright colors were and " Who
the hell was that old lady in the mirror."
Heal fast and well.


Be well @gerrylewy18 and @jhaemer52 those were my exact word except for man instead of lady. That was 14 years ago now when I was 60. Seems like yesterday, and today only use +2.5 for reading only.

Hi Gerry, all the best on a Speedy recovery (the Ferrari Fast variety) and a Brighter Future! Cheers!

i feel you will be well my friend. and you will be able to see your
jewelry work in a whole new light.

The reality of the first, yes indeed,how soon can you do the second. There is far too much fear surrounding “eye” surgery that it is needlessly put off. Anyone with an artistic soul will immediately benefit from having clear lenses with which to get back to seeing, as things really are.
The actual loss of clarity is so subtle, it is only after this surgery do you become aware of the extent of your personal loss. Yes, follow instructions, bending is a no no. Lifting ditto. Determine dateof next surgery and schedule classes around that.
Please let me know of your next trip into San Diego County. I miss you. Be well my friend.