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1st SoCal Dinner

Dear Friends,

I would be happy if I could join you tonight at the Monsoon Cafe to
have a drink or two, a healthy laugh and a friendly buzz. I wish I
could share these moments with you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Beth Rosengard and
Brad Smith for putting this event together, to the contributors to
the silent auction for their generosity and to each and every one of
you for attending. Thank you.

I am excited to learn that tonight Orchidians, members of The Metal
Art Society of Southern California and the organizers/exhibitors of
the Contemporary Crafts Market are getting together for yet another
informal evening. Why am I so excited? In addition to you being
such great people, it is clear to me that an online community has to
be nourished in order to grow. The way to do that is by constantly
evolving it with the changing needs of our members.

In real life most communities are formed through geographical
proximities but online communities are mostly formed around shared
interests and are a powerful tool for building trust, relationships,
knowledge acquisition and exchange.

We all live in a society that tells us to “move on”, make decisions
faster and communicate faster. Yet the Internet cannot build human
networks faster. In fact, the Internet cannot build these networks
at all. We must build them by investing time in planning and
managing events like this Orchid get-together. That is why Orchid
emphasizes the human need rather than gadgets and technology.

We are extremely fortunate that fellow Orchidians are dedicated to
helping others and creating warm, friendly human interactions. Thus,
these real life meetings are an integral and essential part of our
community growth process. These meetings are a clear signal of
maturity and a healthy sign of real life bonds.

I hope that tonight you will make new acquaintances, reinforce old
one and maybe galvanize new and exciting ideas. Tonight you are
sharing and promoting the Orchid spirit by putting an Orchid on your
bench, for which I am grateful.

I would like to remind you of the coming Orchid event at the Gem and
Mineral Show in Tucson. Just a few months ago I had the pleasure of
meeting some of you face to face and I am looking forward to meeting
even more of you next year.

I wish you a pleasant evening and I hope to see you all in Tucson.


I have just returned home from the Santa Monica Orchid Dinner. Need
I say, as usual a great time was had by all.

Beth Rosengard and Brad Smith carried on in the tradition of Dave
Arens and Sam Patania and Pat. There was excellent cooperation from
other members present for many phases of the event. Outstanding
graphics and printing, wonderful donation acquisitions, reception
desk, silent auction. Unfortunately I do not have all the names, and
do not want to leave anyone out. A great job was done by all.

Once again there was the glee of putting known names together with
unknown faces. Wonderful bonding and sharing. It can only get
better. Hanuman’s letter was read to all by Brad, it was warmly

Orchid may get a few new members as several Artisans attending the
Crafts Council Show came to the dinner and were introduced to
Orchid. Hopefully they will become contributing members.

Interestingly enough several came forth and introduced themselves as
"lurkers." Now is the time for the lurkers to get their feet wet and
post. Try it, you’ll like it, I promise.

The Silent Auction went well, there were quite a few very happy
faces, as well as arms full of stuff. A big thanks to all that

I feel the 240 mile round trip drive was well worth it. Thankfully
the traffic Elves were rather cooperative.


Well dear Hanuman, I was very happy to be a part of the very well
attended SOCA Orchid dinner. So many Orchidians that I have never
met in person before…and those familiar faces that I only see at
shows. Of course some of us immediately began to talk shop…How can
you not? :slight_smile: I don’t know the results of the rest of the auction,
but I still wish that I had bid higher on those diamond burrs. Thank
you again to Beth and Brad and all of the silent auction donors and
attendees who made it a lovely evening. Next time we’ll expect to
see you there…California isn’t really that far from Thailand is

Lisa, (Theresa Masters: Just for you, I will post more often as I
used to…lol…so there!) Topanga, CA USA

What a FUN party ! ! Those of you who missed it, missed a great
event…do try to come the next time. It was great attaching faces
to the names that I see all the time on the Orchid list. Thank you to
Beth Rosengard and Brad Smith for the hard work which they did, and
to everyone who helped. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

I’m just posting how happy we (Donna Ballard and myself) were to
attend the So Cal dinner. The organizers really did a fine job, and
the restaurant was fabulous. I just can not wait until the next
dinner, and looking forward to Tucson!

Daniel Ballard

The Orchid dinners sound like so much fun! I have been so
disappointed not to be able to attend one yet. Then I thought, "well,
it seems like there are lots of us in the Boston area, maybe we
should put one together up here in New England.

So what about it all you New England Orchidians? Are you up for an
Orchid gathering? Perhaps we could plan it as a warm antidote to our
long, cold winter! Or maybe we have an upcoming event we could plan
it around for the sake of those who might like to travel from a
distance? (Something other than the Democratic National Convention
next summer! The traffic is going to be SOOOO bad that week!)

Anyone willing to help me organize such a gathering? (And any advice
from those who have already organized such a thing? The largest
event I ever planned was my wedding, which had just 100 guests!)


Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

Dear Suzanne, I have been trying to get an Orchid dinner together
for about three years with no success. I get so jealous when I
read about the dinners that are held elsewhere.I would be very happy
to help you organize one for New England. contact me off line or
call at 207-361-4288. Louise Gerstenblatt @LGOriginal

  So what about it all you New England Orchidians? Are you up for
an Orchid gathering? 

Greetings Suzanne, I love the idea of an Orchid gathering in or
around Boston. Could we do lunch, for those of us who live a few
hours away? Best Regards, Kate

Suzanne, I loved your idea of local Orchid dinners…while I
know we’ve (southern California) just had the MAASC/Orchid dinner in
Santa Monica, it’s hard for some of us San Diegans to get up there.
Anybody in San Diego up for planning a casual dinner down here?
Maybe post holiday? It would be great to meet some of you…I
guess the first question is whether there are many members in San
Diego. Hello, anybody out there?

Suzanne, I would love to assist in holding an Orchid Event. Since
the winters in New England are not hospitable, I would think that
early summer or late spring would be best.

If you would like, Metalwerx will have their new bamboo garden
installed with places to sit, and eat dinner “al fresco”. We have
accommodations very close for the traveler at the Sheraton 4 Points
for only $69.

As I am assisting in the Orchid Dinner in Tucson, I am hoping that
the Guidelines I wrote, and the ones that Beth is reading (thanks
Beth), will enable others to hold an Orchid Event themselves.

Ok all you New England Orchidians, LET’S DO IT!

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: 781/891-3854
Fx: 781/891-3857
email: @Karen_Christians

Louise, You give me an idea. I seem to be 10,000 miles away from
everybody, so why not organize a Ganoksin dinner right here
(impeccable logic as always)? As you people might know by now, I’m
Belgian and I love to eat. I am a decent cook myself and can make a
typical Belgian dish. Or, in case this wouldn’t inspire confidence, I
know a nice Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh. The cook of this place
is, unfortunately, really crazy (Peter Sellars type), but, one
evening a while ago, we talked and I really like this guy a lot. You
gotta see Pittsburgh once in your life - you’ll never forget it.
December maybe? Contact me if interested. Best, Will

       So what about it all you New England Orchidians? Are you up
for an Orchid gathering? 

How about at Legal Seafoods in Chestnut Hill?

Rick Hamilton