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19K White gold alloy

Hello to everyone!

I have a question about 19K white gold. How can I make right alloy?
What is composition? Or where can I buy that allow? I heard about it a
few days ago and still can’t find supplier or useful

Best regards

The best white gold is the UK and European standard. No nickel
allowed!! the Spec is 75.1%999 gold,11.85 999 silver and 13%
palladium. This is classed as he 18ct standard and is hall marking
quality The best stockist in the UK and Europe is Cookson
go to their web site its all there.

Now, we cannot help you more because you do not say where you live,
or what country.

What you want to make and what training or years experience you have
nor what equipment you have, or do you work for a jeweller? or are
you on your own? Do you have a web site? We need all this to reply
with anything useful.

Await your reply.
Dorset UK.

Equal parts of 18k and 20k with some alloying agent. But why would
you do this?

Eduard- The alloy depends on what you want to to with the gold. Will
you be casting, fabricating, making granules, or enameling? Different
alloys have different properties. We usually buy the mater alloys
from a supplier and alloy with our own 24kt. They are very
inexpensive and having the alloy pre made takes the guess work out of
alloying for us.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hi Ted,

I was very interested to learn that UK has a standard 18k white
alloy! I know it’s difficult, but could you describe the nuances of
the color? Thanks!

Janet in Jerusalem

Im interested in a casting variation of white Pd gold, I have used
straight 75Au+25 Pd in the past for Mokume (layered with silver) to
make grey withe mokume but for casting this alloy doesnt flow so
well, anny insights in a reciepe for casting?

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Okay I will look at, thanks for it. I am working in
Prague (Czech Republic). Regular jeweler.

I need that alloy for fabricating and for casting. I heard that
alloy is bright without rhodium, it is very strong and it is very
good for stonesetting.

Best solution for me is ligature which I will mix it with 24K gold.

Sorry for my english. :slight_smile: