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1940's Jewelry made by Harry Bertoia

Hello All,

Allied Craftsmen of San Diego is putting together a proposal for a
retrospective of members’ work for a possible show at the San Diego
Museum of Art. I am trying to locate some jewelry made by Harry
Bertoia in the late 1940’s. Harry went on to design furniture and
sculpture commercially, but his jewelry pieces were given as gifts to
family and friends and so are held in private collections.

Do any of you have or know someone who owns any of his pieces? If
the show goes, we would like to exhibit the piece for 3 - 6 months at
the Museum.

Thanks in advance, and feel free to contact me off line.

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

Hi Susan Ronan!

The Boston Museum of Fine Art has added several Bertoia pieces to
its permanent collection through a donation of Daphne Farago. A new
Modernists exhibit is scheduled for May.

The museum link is:

Additionally, Lapidary Journal (soon to be Jewelry Artist) will be
running a feature on the exhibition in June. The museum has been a
great help to us, so I suggest contacting them for possible leads to
more Bertoia works.

Helen Driggs
Managing Editor
Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist