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1905 Gold coin to inspect

Hi all,

I have a very special client who brought me a 1905 $2.50 gold coin
to inspect. It has a lady liberty head on the front and an eagle on
the back. It looks to be in very good condition. She is curious to
see if it is better to sell it for scrap or take it to a coin dealer.
Making a piece of jewelry from it is not an option. Does anyone out
there have any guidance? She is such a great client and I’d like to
help her. I remember a posting about a coin from Lisa (with goats) I
think. So I thought it would be ok to post this. What would you
do??? Sell it for scrap or sell it to a dealer???

Thanks as always!!

Examine the date. If you can see re-punched 5 then it is a proof and
depending on condition can worth something. In mint condition the sum
can be large.

Other variations are common.


This coin should be checked by a coin dealer or collector. This coin
is called the Coronet Head $2.50 gold piece. It weighs 4.18 grams of
90% pure gold. With gold at $650.00 per ounce this coin has a melt
value of approximately $78.00 but would have a collector value of
$150.00 to $300.00 in circulated grades up to MS60. Uncirculated
grades will be more valuable.

Greg DeMark


Search for similar coins on Ebay to get a quick idea of what the
coin is worth. Almost any gold coin is worth more as a coin than as

Steve Brixner

A dealer would give her $ 200 tops for the coin. Take it from there.
I’m never in favor of destroying old coins though, or selling
anything old cheaply.

Brian Corll
Brian Corll, Inc.

That coin has.12 oz of gold in it. Depending on its condition, date,
and mint, it can be worth anywhere from $100 to $10,000. For a
beginning, search on ebay for ($2.50 Gold Liberty) and you will se e
a range of conditions, dates, and values. Then, with your newfound
knowledge, take it to a coin dealer.

Love and God Bless

Almost without doubt it is worth more as a coin than scrap. The coin
is always worth the price of gold on top of the collector value.
People use newly mented coins as gold investment where the value of
the coin is about what the gold is worth. A hundred year old coin is
different have her hake it to a coin shop for appraisal.

Dave Owen