18KY Gold prong setting

If all else fails cad it and cast in what you want 

This is a perfect example of people are letting technology take over
their brains. I could take gold wire and make a setting almost as
fast as it would take to turn on the computer and open the CAD
program. They now have boats that you can drive with a joystick
control, I will quit sailing before I will sail with a joystick. We
are being brainwashed with this stuff. I am now going to make a
prediction. In 10 years a real old fahioned jeweler will be able to
name his price because there will be none left. Future AD: Wanted old
fashioned jeweler that can make a ring without CAD, no CAD experience
preferred: you tell us what your salary will be.

My dad was a master watchmaker and did not teach me because every
watch was going digital. Nobody wanted mechanical movements so the
old watchmakers went away. Now a REAL watchmaker can make a fortune
in his garage.

Bill Wismar