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18K Gold white aloy for casting

Hello, I’m trying to get a good white color 18 Kt gold alloy for
casting, someone got a good color that does not require rhodium

Any suggestions?

Best regards

I found that 18kt Palladium white gold has the nicest non-yellow
color. Also it’s a much more ductile metal for setting. 18kt nickel
white gold is the setter’s bane.

Good luck.

I absolutely love the color of 18k white palladium alloy, but it is
definitely grey, a beautiful warm grey.

My findings as well Kim,


Hoover and Strong sells a ‘bright white’ alloy that is supposedly
whiter than a nickel or Pd based gold colour. I didn’t notice much
difference in their 18 kt de-ox white and the “new” alloy myself when
a student bought some to cast some pendants in a relatively small
run. On the whole however, their colours seem a bit better than most
in 14 karat golds.

With 18 karat there is less room for additives in basic karating. the
other consideration is that if you are to solder most vendors sell
Hoover and Strong manufactured solders in the widest range of colours
so finding a matching colour would be easier if you use their grain
or master alloys, if not their mill products. rer

I really like the 18k nickle whites. Almost a bluish white to my eye
and it polishes beautifuly. For years I swore by Hoover and Strong
18k white then for some unexplained reason, it stopped casting well
for me. I switched to Argen for my 14k and 18k white casting grain
and they work beautiful for me. Neither requires plating. I’ve cast
and fabricated in Stuller X1, also no issues, although I think I
prefer the Argen alloys.

Thank you very much to all for the suggestions, but anyone have any
formula composition ?

I my tests with Pd resulted in a gray white, not a bright white…