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14KT Yellow Gold Tube source?

Hello, does anyone know where I can find either…

2mm OD x 1mm ID - 14KT Yellow Gold

3MM OD x 2MM ID - 14KT Yellow Gold

Both 1/4" in length.

Of course I can by tube and cut it but I much rather buy pre-cut tubes at 1/4" length. Maybe there is a company that offers cutting down to 1/4"?

Thanks for the help

Have you called Stuller?

I am actually waiting on a call back from them. I know you have to purchase in 1" increments so that makes me believe they won’t cut down to 1/4". We shall see. Have you purchased 1/4" cut do downs from them before?

No. I’m the company metallurgist, not a bench jeweler!
You are right, we offer 1" minimum in length.
Turns out we use an abrasive wheel to cut tubes to length and that why we have a 1" minimum length for safety concerns.
You may have better luck using a jeweler saw to cut to 1/4" length.

Another good source is Hauser-Miller in Saint Louis. They may be able to cut into sections, too. I like them because they will sell in quantities not available from Stuller.

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