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14K pattern ring stock


Is there a source for "Patterned" 14K yellow ring stock 2mm - 6mm

wide by 1mm - 2.5 mm thick. I am particularly interested in half
round. Rio Grande has 3 choices, 2 are rectangle and the 3rd one is
round. I ordered the 4.09 x 1.37 rectangle, but it is too wide for
some of my ideas. Zarlene has Gold Filled patterned wire and sheet
with a minimum of 25 oz., but no 14K. I have looked in all the usual
catalogs and have checked the web. Any ideas?


Hi Yvonne, You might want to try Millard Wire Comapny located in
Warwick, RI. Their phone number is (401) 737 9330. They can possibly
make your pattern to order. You can speak with Joe Gallagher. Diane

        Is there a source for "Patterned" 14K yellow ring stock? 

Yvonne, Myron Toback Inc. in New York City has some patterned wires
available in 14K gold and other metals. You can call them at
1-800-223-7550, email: TOBACKGOLD@AOL.COM.