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14k Leverback earrings

Hi, I’m new to the list, but enjoying it and learning a lot so far,
thanks! I’ve been doing jewelry repair for over 3 years now, and I
really enjoy it. I have a lot to learn, about a lot of things, but
for now I have a problem. I am trying to put leverbacks on a pair of
14k/diamond studs, but I cant seem to get my solder to flow before
the leverback gets hot enough to stop the spring from snapping back.
I have tried everything I know including heat sinking, coating, etc.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Connie in Louisiana

Great use for a laser welder. Lots of people including us will do
trade work with their lasers.

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I usually take the rivot out of the leverback so that the earring
finding becomes two parts. I then solder it on to the earring. Once
the part is soldered on and everything is polished…I rerivot the
flipper part back on.

Leslie Anne Wright Macy


You have to remove the little spring part before soldering and then
put it back in. Just pull out the little rivet that holds it
together and re-rivet it when all soldering is completed.

-BK in AK