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14k gold charms

hi all i mostly work in silver wire, but have been asked to design
and create a charm bracelet in 14K gold to reflect 5 Rhodesian
Ridgeback hounds, and 2 dobi’s. i met them through a ridgeback list
i am on as i am the owner, or should i say am owned by a ridgeback.
it was 2, but we lost Karat Gold on Christmas Day. she came from
Fire Mountain Gem’s kennels. i diress…

she told me to use my own imagination…and i do not imagine a chain
with stuff dangling in a circle. she said as long as she can wear it
on occasion at the country club it was fine… i see a very wide
band crocheted (of course) in the afghan stitch, with flat
silhouette charms attached… kinda Egyptian style…

since i don’t do any charms as a rule, i am thinking maybe someone
has a catalogue of charms available.

i was going to make it up in 14k gold fill first, get approval,
weight piece so i will know how much 14k gold wire to order, (26ga)
um, would they weigh the same amount then complete piece. i know
it will go smoothly, in my best dreams. but i am excited to start
this, and to figure out how i end up finding the dog charms.

thank you all again for all your help.

pat moses-caudel
wild poppy designs…

Pat, you might try:

for 14k dog charms - the last two have the breeds you’re after.

Al Heywood